Terms and Conditions

I understand that compliance with these points is necessary to confirm the berth at any marina in Ibiza. Likewise, I want to make it clear that I do not wish under any circumstances for marinas to contact me or any other person related to the vessel for advertising or promotional purposes without prior notice to my consignee agency.  

In the event that the marina contacts me or the owner directly, and an agreement is reached to enter the port without following the established procedure, I agree that an invoice for the corresponding agency fees may be presented to me.

Furthermore, in the event that any marina contacts me directly to attempt to make a reservation without following the agreed procedure with our consignee agency, I undertake to inform our agency immediately. I acknowledge that Yacht Service and Assistance S.L has a valid contract with me and that any reservation made directly with the marina must be terminated according to the terms of the mentioned contract.

The only exception permitted for the marina to contact the vessel directly is in case of necessity or emergency, and not for advertising or promotional purposes